Africa Tourism 2024 Outlook with Voyages Afriq

What better way to start the year off than by discussing what’s in store for tourism on the African continent?

That’s why I didn’t hesitate to jump on travel trade publication Voyages Afriq’s Africa tourism 2024 outlook podcast this past weekend.

We shared our insights on the African continent’s tourism wins in 2023, the challenges ahead, the narratives that need rethinking (you can guess that’s where I didn’t hold back), and the promise of regional tourism, as more destinations say they’re lifting visas for Africans (but are they, really?).

Below is the conversation with my esteemed colleagues, including our host Kojo Bentum-Williams, founder of Voyages Afriq.

There is great excitement and interest in traveling to the continent this year — will destinations be up to the task and build a more sustainable tourism future?

For additional takes after listening to the podcast, check out these various insights from African tourism leaders at this link, including mine.


Lebawit is an award-winning, independent travel journalist, author and speaker specializing in global tourism. Her reported stories on sustainability, equity, destination management, hospitality, responsible marketing, and climate action have appeared in consumer and trade publications, including Bloomberg, Skift, and Conde Nast Traveler. Read more about Lily here.

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